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Last Update: 9/10/2012


Welcome to Studio 46

Founded in 1987, and going online in 1998, Studio 46 is a family owned and operated business located in Hackettstown, NJ. 

 We are well regarded in our local community. Many families, over the years, have not only entrusted Studio 46 and our superb staff with the responsibility of musically educating themselves and their children, but have made us a viable and respected institution. We are grateful for the thousands of personal recommendations to our staff, and to our studio.

We hope to share our enthusiasm of music education and provide some resources to music students everywhere in our web site.

Thanks for stopping by!



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HOME - It will lead you back to this page.

ABOUT THE STUDIO - This page will give you some background about Studio 46. It contains our mission statement and a brief history of the studio.

RATES & PROGRAMS - Explains the courses of music study that are available at our studio. Please note that we are located in Warren County, New Jersey. (To the many visitors of this website outside our geographic area: As always, we will try our best to connect you to a teacher in *your* area, using our memberships in various teacher/student affiliations).

MEET OUR STAFF - This is an area where you can explore the profiles of our current staff. Find out the qualifications and expertise of every teacher on staff. 

SCHOOL CALENDAR - Calendar of events including recitals, events and days the studio is closed.

CONTACTS/DIRECTIONS - A list of contacts at the studio, as well as a Map and General Directions.

MONTHLY RETAIL SPECIALS - Special sales, great deals. Note: this is not an e-commerce page. This page describes sale items available at the actual studio.  

INSTRUMENT RENTALS - We offer many instruments for rental... and at better deals than what our local schools offer.  PLEASE NOTE: Instrument rentals are *ONLY* available in the State of NEW JERSEY. 

ONLINE FORUM - Our YaBB Forum (Bulletin Board) with areas for the general public and specific areas for our students.


Studio 46 Music Study Center
181 Main Street
Hackettstown, NJ 07840
(908) 852-2040 (Weekdays 3pm-9pm)


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